Welcome to Storyville, U.S.A.

Published 10:06 am Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In keeping with Story Town, the new reading series at Cedar Park Elementary, the school has created its own little Story Town right on Woodrow Avenue and up the driveway now called Cougar Lane. Upon entering Story town, U.S.A., visitors are asked to report to City Hall and the mayor’s office, where the community is built one mind at a time by Judy Cole and Mayor Logan Cowart.

After checking in, step across the hall and into Reading Circus and Camp Read-A-Lot (the library directed by Kelly Green) where, on occasion, students may sit around a campfire and listen to Green’s tales.

Traveling on down Lollipop Lane, one finds Cedar Park Bank and Trust, where students make daily deposits of knowledge with Peggy Peak and invest in their future. Adjacent to the bank is Learning Lollipop Shop with Laurie Manderson in charge. Just around the corner on Daisy Drive is the Blooming Bright Minds Flower Shop operated by Dawn Beers, and the C&P Gas Station, where Krystal Dozier fills young minds with wisdom.

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Nearby, Story Town’s very own hospital, under the direction of Freda Milton, builds stronger minds and bodies.

Story Town also boasts fabulous Kindergarten Condos on Success Street, where, under the direction of Donna Fondren and Shuntelra Logan, industrious minds are found. And for coaching relaxation, Kim Robertson is in charge of Reading Retreat on the Cape.

Jennifer Hyche and Alison Stewart maintain an aquarium of different interests that makes Story Town special, with the Learning Habitat, where Shannon Stewart and Alma Parker encourage all to search for wisdom. In Stitches, Anna Veach weaves good speech and language.

There is a petting zoo that takes all for a successful ride with Yvonne Olds, Gloria Norris and Wanda Strong, and a community pond, where Toby Murphy has all its inhabitants leaping for joy. Be sure to find Ye Old Hearing Shop where Towanda Jones and Brenda Craig make certain only the best is heard. Don’t miss the Music Shop that sings for spirit and counseling under the supervision of Martha Harris and Theresa King.

Story Town offers a variety of desired services; for instance, April Kimbrough’s Styles for Success Beauty Salon and Ginger Skelton’s art gallery sparkle with creativity galore. The town also has a theatre that offers food and culture (cafeteria — Rena Kimbrough, Sylvia Hoggle, Gracie Wright and Edward Johnson).

Story Town U.S.A. is indeed a progressive young city with students, teachers, support staff and a principal who have strong work ethics as well as enthusiasm for the future. Guests are welcome. But be sure to stop by the “City Hall” when entering the building.