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Selma man in jail for attempted murder

Selma police apprehended a man just minutes after a call came in reporting a gun shot victim Wednesday afternoon.

Officers arrested Timothy Gullett, 39, and charged him with attempted murder.

“A call came in at approximately 1:20 p.m. Wednesday reporting an assault victim,” Lt. David Evans said. “The shooting occurred in the 700 block of Washington Street, but the victim, a 32-year-old male, attempted to drive himself to the hospital.”

During the victim’s drive from Washington Street to Vaughan Regional Medical Center, police received numerous reports of reckless driving. Drivers in the area noticed the victim driving down the street with the hood of his car blocking his view.

“When I saw him he was driving through the parking lot at Jeff Davis and Broad Street,” Dr. Wylie Newton said. “His hood and trunk of the car were up and I could see his bloody face. I thought to myself, ‘I better get out of his way..’ He nearly almost hit me though at Jeff Davis and Church Street. You could tell he was obviously out of it. Blood was everywhere.”

The victim stopped during his drive and closed the hood. He eventually lost control of the car on Medical Center Parkway and hit a pole.

The 32-year-old victim from Selma was transported to the hospital.

“The victim was shot several times with a shotgun in the face area,” Evans said. “The extent of his injuries is still not fully known at this time.”

With the victim being taken care of, the police devoted their time to looking for the suspect. It didn’t take long as an officer spotted the white Honda Accord, which Gullett was driving, a few minutes later in the 1700 block of Summerfield Road near CHAT Academy.

“An officer on extra patrol for the schools letting out early saw the vehicle,” Evans said. “He attempted to stop the vehicle, but it began to elude the officer. The suspect eventually stopped it on Jeff Davis Avenue.”

Police apprehended the suspect without any difficulty though a chair was brought out for the suspect to sit on due to a leg injury.

Officers took Gullett back to headquarters and questioned him about the incident. They then booked him and put him in the Dallas County Jail under no bond.

Gullett now faces a class-a felony. Under the Code of Alabama this degree of crime with a deadly weapon’s involvement is punishable by imprisonment between 20 and 99 years and a fine of up to $60,000.