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Spend your $20 in Selma

Today’s the day.

Go get a $20 bill and spend it on something you want. For instance, get a meal and buy a book to read during your meal. Buy a piece of jewelry. Purchase a gift for your spouse or significant other just because. Get some new music.

Don’t spend the $20 on anything you really need — groceries, gas, bills. This is your day.

If enough people in Selma take $20 to a local store and spend it on themselves, they’ll make a difference in the economy.

In today’s edition of The Selma Times-Journal, our readers will find a page filled with advertisements from participating stores. Go spend $20 with them and enjoy their specials.

We can make a difference in the recession by spending. It’s basic economics. We feel better and we put money back into circulation instead of hoarding it.

So, get that Andrew Jackson out of your wallet and pass it over.

We’ll see you in the store.