Work together to stop crime

Published 12:52 am Friday, May 15, 2009

It’s a shame that people have to feel like prisoners in their own homes.  

While at work on Tuesday, someone came into our yard and stole a 5×10 utility trailer that I use to transport our lawn mower to help cut our church grass. I came home from lunch and it was gone.

The sheriff’s deputy was so professional and courteous taking the report, even offering hope of recovery. But the results of the event have changed my entire life, even at home.

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I found myself today checking outside anytime I heard an unusual sound or our dog barking. 

I also have driven up into our driveway since then and wonder what else might be missing now. That’s no way to live for anyone. People with no sense of moral decency cause others to live in prison in their own homes.

I know I will get over this, but it is a shame that this is a common experience in our cities. This is the value of a neighborhood watch program and knowing your neighbors to help keep their eyes open for suspicious people/behaviors.

Let’s work together to protect each other from such people.