Moving in a positive direction

Published 12:54 am Friday, May 15, 2009

For a couple of days, John King’ and his crew from CNN visited folks in Selma to talk about hard times and how they are coping. The segment will broadcast on Sunday around 11 a.m.

CNN’s visit could be viewed in a couple of ways.

First, there’s the negative. Selma is well-known. Here comes another hot-shot journalist to talk about our run-down buildings, potholed streets and inability to get along together. That kind of attitude is similar to the character Eeyore, the donkey, in the Winnie-the-Pooh series. Eeyore never sees the potential in things. He always hangs his head and spouts the negative. We have a lot of Eeyores in Selma.

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Secondly, King and his crew could just tell stories about people coping with hard times. The segment could put a human face on all the ills that we talk about every day — unemployment, people scratching out a living and waiting for better times to come. Let’s face it. We’re in a nationwide recession. People have lost jobs, but many of them have found other work to get them over the hump until something else opens up. These folks are heroes. They have refused to become bowed down by circumstances beyond their control. They remain and will always remain viable workers.

King’s crew has gone all over America and visited in small towns, talking about tough times. Not once has a town taken it on the chin because a malevolent journalist decided to pull out the stops.

That’s not a class act, and we know King to be a class act.

Naysayers will always try to drag down those here among us who dig in and weather the hard times with little complaint and heavy hearts because we cannot move any higher or faster. But at least we’re moving in a positive direction.

And that makes all the difference.