Local shopping pays off

Published 9:12 pm Friday, May 15, 2009

Our local GM car dealer, Reliable Olds and Turner Chevrolet, received some good news Friday. They didn’t get the letter from General Motors saying their dealership was ousted from the family. GM sent out 1,100 letters nationwide by FedEx on Friday to dealers, telling them they had until the end of their contracts to do business with the automaker.

Some dealerships in Alabama didn’t fare so well. They’ll hurt. Their communities will hurt. Purchases of new or used vehicles means more tax dollars in the pot to run state and local government, which in our case boils down to essential city services. Purchases of new or used vehicles or repair services means employment for people who go to grocery stores, purchase clothing and other necessities in our area. Thus, that money circulates.

What this news for Reliable and Turner means our community — each one of us — benefits.

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Part of the criteria for deciding which dealerships to let go, according to GM’s letter, rested on sales, service scores, location and condition of facilities. Apparently, Selma’s local GM dealerships have solid performance scores.

The upshot of all this: Shopping at home pays off.