What comes next?

Published 11:33 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Selma City Council talks a great deal about public safety issues, and has tgged them No. 1 on the body’s top list.

Sure, everyone wants to feel safe in their homes, while shopping or in church and in the streets. But during its first six or seven months, the council has seemed to have a narrow view of what needs fixing.

We’ve kept up with police responses in wards and tickets handed out to the themp-a-thmp cars or turcks bouncing down the roadways or their cousins in homes.

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Yet, the council has yet to talk about one of our most pressing problems — the city’s crumbling infrastructure.

Take a drive down nearly any street in a subdivision in this city and see if you son’t encouter a jaw jarring pothole within a tenth of a mile from an intersection.

Driving down some streets in the city is simlar to dodging mudholes on a gravel road after a heavy rain.

It is up to the council to reconize issues and prepare policy in tandem with the mayor to better our community. The city needs a healty dose of road restructuring — not pothole filling — in every ward.

The council public works committee should come up with a plan, present the plan to the full body, which should see road repair as integral to making Selma a better place in which to live.