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Sacrifice can yield large rewards

On Friday night, 25 students from Selma High School graduated with associates degrees from the early college program at Wallace Community College Selma. They’re ready to head to four-year colleges or enter the work place.

These students have made some sacrifices that others in their class have not. They have had to study harder and work more. Now they have the reward. Most of these graduates are minority students.

National education data shows us that minority students have less access to higher education. It is good to see these students beating those odds.

These students were from Selma High School. There is a move now for Dallas County Schools to take advantage of that program. This is a good step.

Before the end of May, many students will have walked across the stage to collect their diplomas. We, the greater community, should pause and celebrate this milestone with our students and wish them well.

Congratulations to these community college graduates and to all who will complete a phase of their education this year.