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Scholarships can be endowed through tag sales

The addition of one scholarship to Monday night’s annual meeting of the Dallas/Wilcox Chapter of the University of Alabama National Alumni Association can use new funding methods to become endowed.

“Matching (license) tag funds will actually match a large portion of that scholarship,” said Ronnie Leet, president of the local chapter, known as the “Bama Club.” “That’s one reason I was trying to show so many ways that the $50 license plates can come back to the club.”

Of the five scholarships presented at Monday’s annual meeting, the Doris and Henry Plant Scholarship is not endowed.

The Crimson Tide plates have a $50 pricetag every five years, when the designs change, Leet said. “Ten dollars a year is not that much to ask when the money then comes back to the chapters in the form of scholarship funds,” he said.

More than $127,000 in scholarship funds is being used to feed the five local scholarships. Each $1,200 scholarship went to a student attending the University of Alabama who may not already be getting scholarship funds from other sources.

Scholarships went to Morgan Academy graduates Morgan E. Wilbourne (the Sam Earle Hobbs Endowed Scholarship), William K. Bamberg (Sterling Price Rainer Memorial Endowed), Madeleine M. Cheatham (Blackbelt Endowed), Andrew B. Wilson (Blackbelt Endowed), and Central Christian graduate Tiffany N. Brown (Blackbelt Endowed).