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Reader questions motive for a recent letter’s allegations

In reference to the letter printed to your editor on 4-29-09 pertaining to family may have caused an unfair arrest for a Selma man. Why was it necessary for this letter to be printed when you headlined this story when he was first arrested, and he clearly stated that he had committed this crime because a 4 year-old girl wanted him to do it? So how was he wrongfully arrested?

My main reason for writing is to ask you, the editor, why print such negative and bias information pertaining to a crime of this nature, then print on the next page an article that tells how child abuse is so isolated in many occasion.

The writer in your letter to the editor has an unfair judgment for some deep secret that may be affecting her for some time now. The editor should have considered the fact that this mother and child is still affected by this crime and you allow someone to add fuel to this hell fire that they are going through. Did you not even consider what this mother would possibly do once she saw what you chose to print in your paper? The writer does not show where the man was unfairly arrested, but only details information pertaining to a family problem that has no bearing on what this child has endured.

The writer chose to make a point about how long it took the mother to find out about the abuse.

Does she not know that many or must I say most abuse cases take years to be detected? This mother was on point when she talked and told her little girl about someone touching her in the wrong way. All parents should talk to their children often about this.

My last point being is what would drive anyone to be judgmental in a case that is a clear case of child abuse and try to uphold such a monster that would admit to abusing his own innocent niece.

Paisley, please seek some much needed counseling.

Sadly submitted,

Bonnie West Courtland