Local talent can help us all

Published 3:55 pm Thursday, April 30, 2009

The artistic talent in Selma is, in a word, amazing.

In a town of a mere 20,000 people, there certainly are a large number of gifted artists.

This is evident on Art Walks or a trip to the Selma Art Guild Gallery or the Frame Shoppe. The paintings, photographs, ceramics and sculptures are truly stunning.

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Supporting our local artists is one way to help turn Selma back into the thriving community it once was. It has worked for towns like Savannah, Ga. and Asheville, N.C.

Thankfully, we have groups in town who are working for that reason already — ArtsRevive, Everyman Bookstore, the Frame Shoppe and the Selma Art Guild. However, for the groups to succeed, citizens need to support the artists.

Not everyone can buy artwork, but everyone can attend one of the many free showings. The numbers lift morale and make the aforementioned groups realize their work is paying off.

If Selma can become an art community, then as in “Field of Dreams” they will come. When they come they will also put money into the pockets of local business owners.

The local talent in Selma can help usher us into a new time of prosperity, but the citizens in Selma need to support the movement first.