Family may have caused an unfair arrest for a Selma man

Published 7:44 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear editor,

My reason for writing, it’s of great concern the arrest made of a Selma man accused of an alleged crime of a child. Certainly we realize the seriousness of any crime alleged involving that said child, but there’s something truly not adding up!

The grandmother seems to be in control of the strings being pulled the mother stated her intuition led her to alert the authorities, but not until two months after the incident was to have allegedly have happened! That seems to be mighty poor intuition on a mother’s part!

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When the aunt spoke with the niece on August 27,2008 because she hadn’t spent much time in the last two months, the niece stated that the kids were fine.

Once again she tried to contact the niece once more to wish her a happy birthday but the attempt to contact failed. So she then contacted her nieces mom, the mother instructed the aunt to call back she was almost seemed insistent. The aunt called back she explained to the aunt she’s there she just got off the phone from her.

She was gathering some information from me. It’s a frightening thought that planned this man’s demise and that the grandmother having friends in high places used how powers of persuasion and to set out to destroy her brother’s life.

Do these women have that much hate? From what I’m aware of the oldest daughter has years of hate and resentment against her mother. Have we truly overcome in Selma or is there a new type of hate fueling right in our own homes?!!!!!!!!

For some one to hate their family enough to destroy your family but has compassion, care, generosity to everyone else I’d say this is a person with some deep seated hatred………..Truly I hope this family can heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paizley Lexander