Johnson in draft limbo

Published 12:26 am Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael Johnson spent most of his Saturday with more than 200 family members, friends and acquaintances at his family’s home in Selma.

Widescreen televisions blared NFL Draft updates, the gathered masses fed on more food than they could eat and a feeling of celebration was in the air.

All were certain Johnson’s name would be called. However, it appears Johnson will have to wait until the draft resumes today to find his new destination.

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“We really thought near the end of the second round, we had something going,” said Samuel Johnson, Michael’s father. “Mike has taken things in stride. Michael knows whoever selects him, they’re going to have a super player.”

Hard as it may be to believe, Michael Johnson wasn’t bothered with the wait, and his eyes were not glued to the television. He watched early portions of the first round, then turned his focus to spending time with those gathered at the home.

As each pick increased the likelihood he would be called next, he found himself having to calm others.

“Folks around here are more nervous than me,” said Johnson. “I tried to make some light jokes, but they didn’t go over too well.”

As the second round entered its halfway point, Johnson admitted that he entered the day believing his name would have been called earlier. He said he is not worried because he will prove his worth to whoever picks him up. Richard Kopelman, his agent, feels the same way.

“Michael’s been very relaxed,” said Kopelman. “People not involved in this place a lot of on where a player is selected. Michael is going to play a long time.”