Johnson drafted by Cincinnati

Published 11:16 am Sunday, April 26, 2009

Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson didn’t have to wait long to hear his name called during the second day of the NFL Draft. Six picks into the third round, the Cincinnati Bengals snatched him up and made his NFL dream come true.

“Everybody was excited,” said Johnson. “It feels good to know where I’m going and getting mentally ready for it.”

The Dallas County alumnus maintained the same philosophy as the draft took its course. He knew he would be picked, and was not worried about when it would happen. His mother, Thomasine, was equally certain he would go, but relieved when his name was called.

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“We knew he’d go,” said Thomasine Johnson. “It’s great to see him be able to get in there and do what he’s capable of doing.

Michael Johnson entered the draft hoping he would be picked by Atlanta, Carolina or another city relatively close to Selma. Cincinnati may not fit that criteria, but he is excited about his new team.

“I’m going to go up there and have a lot of fun, playing ball and winning games,” said Johnson. “They’re a team that’s right there. They’ve got talented players. I’m looking forward to winning a Super Bowl.”

Johnson and the Bengals will talk contract terms later, and he does not know when he will report. In the time remaining before his move to Cincinatti, he plans to work out and stay in shape so he can fulfill one more goal.

“I’m going to go out there and represent myself, family and city to the fullest.”