Officer expected to make full recovery from injuries

Published 12:18 am Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Selma law enforcement officer involved in a wreck Thursday is recovering at a Montgomery hospital. Lt. David Evans said doctors are still evaluating officer Nathan Gibson’s injuries.

“He’s banged up really bad, but we do expect him to make a full recovery,” Evans said.

Gibson crashed into a power pole at Highland Avenue and Montague Street shortly after 9 p.m. while he was en route to respond to a 911 call. He was transported by helicopter to Baptist South Hospital and was conscious at the time of transport.

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Mayor George Evans said he received positive news Friday concerning Gibson. Evans said doctors drained fluid off the officer’s lungs and tended to a few broken ribs, but Gibson was doing fine considering the violent wreck he was involved in a day earlier.

“Everything seems well so far,” he said. “We just continue to pray that he’ll get better so he can get back here.”

Martha Gibson, the officer’s mother, spent Friday at the hospital with her son. The two talked some, but his injuries made it difficult. She said she was just glad she could sit there with him.

“He’s still in pain,” she said. “But he’s still in pretty good spirits.”

Martha Gibon said doctors have not determined how long her son would stay in the hospital. She said she was thankful and impressed with the way emergency workers responded to the scene.

“We are thankful for them and their prayers,” she said. “We’re just going to keep on praying.”

Gibson graduated from Police Academy in November 2008, and he was one of the first officers hired under Chief William T. Riley.

“I knew him as an officer,” George Evans said. “I went to the ceremony when they had his installation.”

David Evans said the police department is still searching for two cars that yielded left instead of right, which is a violation of traffic law, causing Gibson to dodge and crash into the pole. He said there could be criminal charges depending on the extent of Gibson’s injuries.

“We would like to find the cars that cut him off,” Evans said.