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Morgan students make all-academic team

Two Morgan Academy seniors were named to the AISA All-State Academic Team Tuesday. Thomas Austin and Brook Robertson were selected to the list of 25 students from 58 schools across the state.

“Of course we’re just thrilled and excited, as proud as we can be,” headmaster Randy Skipper said.

The AISA mainly used students’ GPA and ACT score to determine the academic team. Austin and Robertson maintain perfect 4.0 GPAs and scored 31 and 30, respectively, on the standardized test. All the while, both participate in a laundry list of extracurricular activities. Austin is a pitcher on the baseball team, and Robertson is head cheerleader. Both are also active in student government and honor societies.

“Sometimes it’s hard,” Robertson said.

While school might get a little overwhelming at times, Robertson said she feels confident entering her freshman year of college this fall at Auburn University.

“It definitely gives you a more settling feeling,” she said of Morgan’s tough curriculum.

Austin, who will play baseball at Troy University in the fall, said he has learned to balance sports with duties in the classroom.

“Late ball games are sometimes difficult,” he said. “Some of my friends from other schools have said they haven’t learned the things we know how to do.”

Skipper called the students into his office Tuesday morning to give them the news. He said Austin and Robertson did not even know they were being considered for the academic team.

“We were excited,” Austin said.

“It was surprising and impressive,” Robertson said.

While it was quite a surprise to the students, Skipper said he did not bat an eye.

“It’s not a surprise,” he said. “Nothing they’ll ever do will surprise me.