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Change in appearance may change attitudes

The Selma City Council has taken several steps to help Selma’s appearance.

First, Councilwoman Susan Keith has proposed an environmental court that would focus on misdemeanors, such as illegal dumping, littering and violations of the noise ordinance. Keith also has spearheaded a grant writing effort to see recycling come to Selma.

Additionally, Councilwoman Dr. Monica Newton has worked with her constituents to see volunteer gardens crop up over the area. Councilwoman Angela Benjamin also has worked hard with the volunteer vegetable gardens in her ward.

On Tuesday, the council voted to create a Beautification Committee made of up two people appointed from each ward to help direct the city in its attempts to fix up and clean up.

When we look better as a city, perhaps our citizens will act better.

The council should be praised for taking those steps to make our city more attractive to its residents and to those who come through for a visit.