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Sewage problems persist still for Selma resident

Dear editor,

Given my article that was place in The Selma Times-Journal about my sewage problem that Selma Habitat caused, I received one phone call from Mayor[George]Evans. During the end of that conversation, I was told to call him back. After a day I call him back and was told he was in a meeting. That following evening once again I was told that he was in a meeting all day.

I left several message for him to return my call. To this day I have not heard a word from him. So, Mayor Evans, once again I ask what is being doing about the sewage problem in the city of Selma and the problem that Selma Habitat has cause for myself and the other family?

I also ask what is Habitat doing to correct this problem? A problem I might add that we knew nothing about until we were face with this awful situation.

Nora Davis