The Black Belt region should look forward to great future

Published 4:08 pm Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear editor,

The Black Belt should not be taken for granted in 2010. Our votes are very important. Regarding my return will be back in 2010 for the book signing of my book, which I came here in 2006 to research we shall give our first title “ The Dulaneys of Wilcox County.” We will not know until we finish if this will be our title.

During my stay in Selma have help start many non-profit organization with our grant writing workshops. I would like to thank all my student’s who attended the workshops, I’m sure they shall bring a different to our community we are saying farewell not good-bye leave Selma.

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We must overcome hate. We must overcome violence. We must overcome greed. We must overcome fighting. We must overcome cruelty.

We must overcome all that tears people apart and concentrate on all that brings people together. We need to feel more to understand others. We need to love more to be loved back. We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves. We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves. We need to be honest and fair when interacting with people. We need to establish a strong ethical basis as a way of life. We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others. We need to give more and take less. We need to create a world where we can trust one another We need to create a world where we can all peacefully live the life we choose.

Farewell not Good Bye Selma.

God Bless Selma. God Bless Alabama

Millie Lee Dulaney