Spring break begins Monday for Selma City Schools

Published 5:56 pm Friday, April 10, 2009

After a stressful week of testing, students in the Selma City School system will leave the No. 2 pencils on their desks and enjoy a weeklong break before the final few weeks of the school year. Spring break begins Monday for the city schools.

“We all are ready for a break, and we’re not ashamed to say it,” said Carolyn Pickett, a fourth-grade teacher at Knox Elementary School.

As a special reward, Knox students wore sunglasses and hats to school Friday. Later in the afternoon, the students attended a dance since they worked so hard on the battery of standardized tests that partially determine a school’s Alabama Yearly Progress rating.

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Principal Joslyn Reddick said she is interested to see what the test results look like since they were administered prior to spring break. She said Knox had 100 percent attendance during testing, and teachers told her the students were focused.

“I’m curious to see what the data’s going to look like,” Reddick said. “To see if there’s more improvement having tests before spring break.”

Students said they were confident about the tests, too. Now that the tests are finished, fourth-grade student Timothy Walton said he could hardly wait to spend some time away from school. Walton said he would enjoy some time outside during the break.

“I’m going to the park,” he said. “Have a picnic, play basketball.”

Keyarah Cochran, another fourth-grade student, said she felt the same way as Walton.

“I’m just excited,” she said. “I’m going to go outside and play.”

Pickett said she noticed a difference having the tests before spring break. She said her class seemed relaxed and calm.

“They were glad to have it come before,” Pickett said. “I think it lessened the stress.”

Selma High School seniors will blow off some steam with a class trip to Orlando during spring break. 67 seniors will load up on a charter bus on Wednesday and head south to visit various theme parks. It will not be the rides at Walt Disney World or Busch Gardens that make the trip though, Renardo Reynolds said.

“I’m just going to have an exciting time being with my class,” he said. “Making a lot of memories.”

Lesia James, who sponsors the senior class along with Melissa Chandler, said as long as the students enjoy the trip she would, too.

“This is their last big event together before graduation,” James said.

Joshilyn Robertson said the group would come back with a closer relationship.

“I’m just looking forward to being with my senior class,” she said.

Principal Wanda McCall said the students and teachers deserved a break. While it might have seemed like spring break would never come, McCall said she preferred administering the tests prior to the break.

“I like it because we don’t have the anticipation of waiting,” McCall said. “When they leave out they’ve got a clear mind.”