Academy brings many benefits

Published 12:09 am Friday, April 10, 2009

Dallas County already is a medical hub for the Black Belt. The action by the Selma City School Board to implement a program to train children in medical fields will only solidify that position.

In this respect, by looking forward, the school board and Dr. Austin Obasohan will accomplish several things.

First of all, by having medical professionals, such as Dr. Geraldine Allen and Dr. Monica Newton work on the courses of study and provide a link to the professional world, these children will have the best, most solid foundation.

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Secondly, the amount of math and science required for these studies should ensure our students perform well on those aspects of standardized testing. This means our schools will continue to improve and meet those standards required by the state.

Third, we are training students to think critically and use proven methods of problem solving, giving them the wherewithal to adjust to various conditions presented them. These courses are as much about life skills as they are about learning theories and formulas.

Fourth, we are training a new generation to move away from the heavy manufacturing that their parents and grandparents once knew and to move up into a highly technical world in which oceans are no barriers. Our children will be better equipped to deal with an ever-evolving economy.

This medical academy of sorts is well within the grasp of the school system. It is filled with foresight. The school board and the administration should be commended.