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American pastime gears up again

In case you didnt notice, professional baseball season opened earlier this week. The race for the pennant is on. Before October’s World Series we will see heroes and villains; witness great feats and disastrous bobbles on and off the field; and root for the home team.

The same thrills and disappointments; the same wonder of this game played on a diamond will provide children of Selma and Dallas County opportunities to get out in the sunshine and exercise. The opening day of the Rec League’s baseball and softball season is at hand.

There is nothing better than for a child to get outside, run and jump. There is nothing better than the look on a child’s face the first the bat hits a ball in the sweet spot and sends the orb like a rocket into the outfield — or for the little folks in the far infield. Our Rec League provides opportunities for these kinds of experiences for any child who is willing to give some time to practice and play.

In these days of concerns about childhood obesity that can lead to an early onset of diabetes, we are fortunate here to have opportunities for our children, such as the softball and baseball. Far too many children sit in front of televisions wired to whatever flickers over the screen or living a fantasy life through a video game.

So if you have a child, consider signing him or her up for some good, clean and healthy fun.

Baseball is nearly a perfect sport. It’s spring and summer rolled into one.

Play ball.