Cleaning up the mess

Published 12:43 am Sunday, April 5, 2009

The events of the last week, especially with the revelation of Sgt. Jimmy Martin taking home a police vehicle to an out-of-county residence, brings to our attention that we have many follow-ups to do. We need to know what has happened to the missing money of nearly two years ago from an evidence locker. We need to know what city employees are taking home city-issued automobiles and why. We need to know how many guns and cars taken in as evidence are missing.

Recently, District Attorney Michael Jackson told The Selma Times-Journal that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Well, Mr. Jackson, reveal more of this iceberg! Clean out this mess that was made by bad administration several years ago, find those responsible, make them admit their failings very publicly and punish them if they are found guilty.

We cannot allow the lax policies or the lack of policies of the past to affect our future. Until we take them head-on and deal with the issues, we cannot move forward as a city. This city cannot withstand day after day, week after week of something coming up to hamper the effectiveness of operating the city, whether it is in the police department or any other agency of the city.

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Unless we confront what has happened and open it up and shed light on it, we will be mired in incompetency because the same characters will pop up over again.

Selma has an international reputation as a stalwart in voting rights. If we do not clean up our messes, Selma soon will have a reputation as a city that cannot deal with its own business.

And if a city cannot deal with its own, how can it hope to attract others to come live and invest in her?