Why was White Hall targeted?

Published 10:42 pm Monday, March 30, 2009

Gov. Riley is pushing a point when he appeals the decision of retired Alabama Supreme Court Justice Mark Kennedy in the White Hall Entertainment Center case.

The judge had worked for an Indian casino, according to the governor. Riley wanted Kennedy to recuse himself.

Perhaps the governor should not push so hard at the table right now. Some connection might come home to bite him.

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Riley has very publicly made known his disdain for gambling in the state. However, he seems to be cherry picking those institutions he wants to bring down.

Again, we ask why White Hall and not the one in Shorter? Why not every one at once?

With this action — this seeming desire to drive the nail in the coffin — Riley is not only pushing to close a popular place of entertainment, he’s putting people out of work in one of the counties with the highest rate of unemployment. He’s also hurting the economy of a small town.

Shame on you, governor. Shame on you for hurting this area by selective investigation and prosecution.