Water tower almost ready to begin operation

Published 6:03 pm Saturday, March 28, 2009

Construction is complete on a water tower at Craig Field Airport and Industrial Complex, but the tower is not yet ready for public use.

Engineer Ray Hogg said the tank has been filled with water and sterilized. Now minor cleanup and perimeter fencing are needed.

Following Alabama Department of Environmental Management requirements, a bacteriological sample was taken and came back negative. The negative sample means the tank is fit for public use.

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ADEM must now grant permission to make the tower fully operational.

“That’s forthcoming. I can’t say it’s going to be next week, but it’s coming very soon,” Hogg said.

The board of directors for Craig Field used a grant from the Federal Economic Development Authority to pay for 70 percent of the $700,000 project. Once it is completed, the airport will turn over operation and maintenance of the water tower to the Dallas County Water and Sewer Authority.

The water tower is expected to increase storage capacity for the water authority and also increase water pressure for businesses located at the Craig Field Complex.

The tower also is a valuable safety measure. Craig Field Executive Director Menzo Driskell said earlier the tower is an upgrade to the area’s fire protection. It will also provide potable water to businesses and residences.

The tower won’t increase Dallas County Water and Sewer’s revenue, according to general manager David Hamm, but it could attract new businesses.