Plethora of activities in springtime Selma

Published 7:45 pm Friday, March 27, 2009

Days are longer, temperatures are higher and rain is more frequent.

Spring is truly here. Before severe weather set in and caused a major disruption in our lives — with possibly more damage on the way — we had several things to look forward to. And we can still take solace that there are some rays of sunshine once we get through this patch of rough weather.

Children are looking forward to each passing day as it signals the end of the school year. There is no excuse for any child to complain of lack of things to do if they look hard enough. A trip to one of several public parks, our library, museums and several other things await as our youth try to figure out what to do with their free time.

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They now have a new, unique option.

The Taylorville Family Entertainment Center is opening soon. This cutting edge facility is something for the whole family and will surely become a destination for people all over the Black Belt. The foresight and hard work put into this project is something our community needs, and its success signals success for our community.

For the adults, there are plenty of opportunities to take a walk, drive or read a book among some of the most beautiful scenery in Alabama.

Selma is opening her arms to us. Let’s walk right in.