Looking out for our elderly

Published 7:50 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The best thing we can do for our senior citizens is protect their security. That includes their finances.

Living on a fixed income, paying for medications and spoiling the grandkids every once in a while takes a toll on those who, in several cases, are physically unable to work gainfully.

The local AARP chapter recognized that and began offering the first free, IRS-sanctioned tax preparation service in Selma.

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Anyone who is elderly or lives in a low-income home can E-file their taxes for free if they are using a simple form. The AARP extends help beyond those categories for people who truly need a helping hand with their taxes.

This is an invaluable service to our community and something that was surely long overdue.

Because the AARP does not have a coordinator for West Alabama, and still doesn’t, the service was not offered before this year. The program has experienced some bumps along the way, but organizers assure the public no one that needs help will be turned away.

That is comforting to those who hope to minimize the effect this process takes out of their wallets.

This is one of the many good things our local AARP volunteers do for the community.

Let’s support them as they keep up the good work.