Investing in our children — the future

Published 8:48 pm Thursday, March 19, 2009

We’ve always heard politicians and others say, “The future is in our youth.”

In a couple of different ways, the grown-ups in Dallas County and Selma have invested in the youth of the area.

On Thursday, about 100 students, their parents and principals or teachers attended an information session at the Convention Center in Selma to hear about the Disney CareerStart program that would provide jobs and learning experiences for local young people who apply and are accepted. These slots are limited. The competition is stiff, but our youth are strong and talented.

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The job opportunities come in the fall. Students would work at either Disneyland in California or the World of Disney near Orlando, Fla. They would have chances to learn new skills, expand their borders and network with others.

At about the same time these students filled out applications, the Dallas County School Board revealed it is talking to Wallace Community College-Selma about an early college program for county students.

The SECHS program was founded in January 2005 as a partnership between Selma City Schools, Tuskegee University, Alabama State University, Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering and WCCS. When students complete the program, they receive a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree, which amounts to two years of college credit. Think about what a foot up that will give our county schools system students. Selma School System already participates in the program.

Children are our future. That’s a given. It’s good to see our adult leaders realizing that fact in very practical ways.