Hold onto the ear plugs

Published 9:18 pm Monday, March 16, 2009

A noise ordinance is only as effective as its enforcement. Right now, residents of Selma and members of the Selma City Council, don’t see the job getting done.

Facts are, stopping those who sit in parking lots jamming to decibels that rival the take-off of a jet airliner is more difficult than it appears. First of all, authorities say, the law enforcement officer must hear the offender before that officer may issue a citation. In these days of cell phones and marked cruisers that’s tough.

Yet, the Selma police have issued some citations. Police chief William Riley has given reports to the city council each meeting.

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But it’s not enough for those who wake up to early morning impromptu concerts.

The Selma City Council Public Safety Committee has worked on a plan with chief Riley to put a stop to the noise violators — or at least knock them down a car or two. Because this is a police operation, authorities and members of the committee are reluctant to talk about specific plans in public.

This is one place where we agree that a bit of secrecy is in order. City officials ask for patience — a tall order — until the operation gets under way.

Let’s all adjust our ear plugs and give the city an opportunity to get this nuisance under control.