Parents need to take charge

Published 6:07 pm Saturday, March 14, 2009

We have been subject to several lessons about the importance of parental involvement in recent weeks.

Our city school superintendent, Dr. Austin Obasohan, has urged parents to take an active interest in their children’s schooling since he took office last year.

State Superintendent Joseph Morton on more than one occasion last week during Jubilee stressed the importance of parents’ cooperation for the success of public education and ultimately, the State of Alabama.

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Our local law enforcement officers have put more emphasis lately on community policing, something contingent on responsible adults taking charge of their neighborhoods.

What happened on Church Street on Thursday was like spitting in the winds progress.

Parents were alleged to have aggravated a fight that began among a group of minors.

It’s not for us to say whether or not things would have escalated had someone with reason not stepped. In several such instances order is not possible until police officers arrive.

But, according to police, mothers jumped into the fight. That is hardly the example we need to set for our children.

Pride in our community starts with pride in our neighborhoods. Pride in our neighborhoods only comes about when we treat our neighbors with respect.