Moms, children involved in street fight

Published 12:39 am Friday, March 13, 2009

Three women faced arrests following a fight at 1315 Church Street on Thursday.

According to Selma Police Lt. John Brock, two of the participants left the scuffle with cuts and bruises. Angela Dunning, 37, and Jowana Chaney, 29, were placed under arrest with $500 bonds in the Selma City Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

A third woman, Veronica Stevenson, 28, was still receiving treatment at Vaughan Medical Center as of press time. Brock said police would place her under arrest and charge her with disorderly conduct after her release.

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“I don’t know what it’s about. A bunch of females, and it started over some kids,” said Brock. “Their mommas got in to it, then the mommas got into a fight.”

Brock said police arrived at the scene and saw 25-30 people involved in the fight. Officers had to use mace to subdue some in the crowd.

A neighbor down the street who refused to be identified said there were two separate fights.

“I heard them over there fussing. Next thing I know, she’s trying to hit the lady again,” said the witness. “She was waiting to catch her breath, and when she caught her breath, she started looking for her razor. When she started looking for her razor, the lady i