Selma police officer saved woman’s life, hailed hero

Published 5:59 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Police Officer Ronald Terry is a hero. He saved a young lady’s life early Saturdaunday morning outside the 12 Stone Night Club. The Club Security recklessly set off a can of mace inside the club, which caused hundreds of panicked people to scramble out into the streets. Somehow the mace caused the young lady to lose consciousness and almost her life because she stopped breathing. Out of all the people outside witnessing this young lady pass out and stop breathing, no one would do anything to try and save her life. Luckily Officer Ron Terry arrived on the scene not a minute too late, and immediately went into action and began to perform life saving CPR on the young lady. Ironically, it took him threatening to arrest a young man, to get aid in saving the young ladies life. Officer Terry told the young man that he would be arrested for not aiding a Police Officer in a lawful execution of duties if he did not assist and raise the young ladies legs in the air while he performed CPR. The life saving techniques that Officer Terry performed instinctively, proved invaluable as they saved the young ladies life. I spoke with Officer Terry about the incident and he humbly told me that he didn’t save the young ladies life for recognition but because it was his duty as a public servant, a Christian and as father of children himself. What a Hero.

James Robinson


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