Movies could return to Selma with new state incentives

Published 10:44 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of the smartest moves we’ve seen the Alabama Legislature make so far came in the package of incentives offered to bring in more movie and television show production in the state.

Ours is a beautiful state and we have it all — flatlands, hills, mountains and beaches. Most of the towns, especially here in the Black Belt, look as if they were portions of a movie set years ago.

We’re no strangers to films, especially here in Selma. Those who have lived here long enough remember the 1994 Blue Sky, the story of the mentally unbalanced wife of a military man assigned to an Alabama base. Her performance as Carly Marshall won Jessica Lange the Best Actress Academy Award in 1994.

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The year before that the Body Snatchers, a horror tale about a family that moves to a military base with strange acting soldiers, was released. The 1993 version was a remake of the 1978 version, which was a remake of the 1956 version based on a science fiction novel by Jack Finney. Craig Field Airport and the Industrial Complex was the location for the shooting of the 1993 film.

But we haven’t seen anything in Selma of the kind now in more than a decade.

We’re betting now with breaks on sales, income and lodgings taxes for the movie and other productions and other breaks, the movies will find Selma again.

At a time when unemployment is high, we could use the break.