Dallas County residents should prepare for possible flooding

Published 7:35 pm Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dallas County residents along certain areas of the Cahaba River should be aware of the potential for minor flooding during the next few days.

The Dallas County EMA warned that properties in low-lying areas near Marion Junction may need to take caution.

The threat of winter precipitation could cause the river’s level to rise to a forecasted 25.8 feet between Monday and Tuesday.

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It could reach as high as 24 feet Sunday.

The last monitored level of the river at 3 p.m. Saturday was 13 feet.

Once the river reaches 15 feet, it is considered in “action stage.” The water at that level could cause flooding around Oakmulgee Creek, and livestock needs to be moved to higher ground. Overflow of pasturelands increases at stages above 20 feet.

Snow showers are predicted for the Dallas County area Saturday night and Sunday with temperatures as low as 29 degrees.