A lot to consider with the movie theatre

Published 7:44 pm Friday, February 20, 2009

On Tuesday, the Selma City Council will hear both sides regarding a movie theater in Selma.

Granted, a movie theater in the city would provide entertainment for those who attended. It would keep revenue in the city, because many go to Prattville or Montgomery to see movies, eat a meal and shop.

But here’s the rub.

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The movie theater here would cost those who attend and extra $1. Now, consider the price of a movie at $6.50 a ticket. People in Selma would pay an extra tax of $1, bringing the total to $7.50 per person. Add to that a soda and popcorn at about $6. Already, the price tag for one person is $13.50.

Now, consider this: 75 cents of that tax money will go back to Gaiter Ventures for construction of the five-plex inside the Selma Mall at the old Goody’s location. The other 25 cents would go back into the city treasury.

The use of a special tax to help reduce the risk of private enterprise somehow does not seem appropriate, especially in times of layoffs, work furloughs and cutting close to $300,000 out of the city’s budget.

Members of the city council should weigh this matter carefully.