Selma School Board caution is proper

Published 10:12 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Selma School Board is on the right track as it carefully considers the organizations that will receive some of $43,500 in at-risk funds.

Recently, the school board met to review a list. Then, members raised questions about some of the groups on the initial list. They were heard. The list was adjusted.

This is the kind of work needed to ensure our most vulnerable children — those considered at-risk — receive the assistance they need outside the classroom.

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Currently, an FBI investigation is under way into organizations that have received these at-risk funds before. The particular subjects of the investigation are a mystery.

However, it appears this group of school board members are more careful with handing out the cash.

This move is certainly a change from just months ago when school board members acted like bad mannered seventh-graders.

We hope rational, careful planning and consideration to other issues follow the same vein.