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Building for students’ safety

Reaction is good in certain settings, but it is fair to say most problems can be avoided or at least contained if proactive action is taken.

It is a fear of school administrators, parents and teachers that Edgewood Students are in danger, and they are correct.

A group of 100 or more students crosses U.S. Highway 80 in front of the school each day. It slows down traffic, and far more importantly, it poses a risk to the safety of students and adults who help them cross.

The school’s request for a pedestrian overpass comes in dire economic times, but it is something that should be pursued ardently.

The problem doesn’t just exist after 3 p.m. Several students get to school before teachers arrive and cross the highway by themselves.

It is disheartening to think that a child’s injury or death would spark people to action, but waiting too long may bring us to that.

A similar structure exists behind Selma High over Franklin Street, and it gets a healthy amount of use. Athletes going to the back fields for practice, band members going to rehearsal or other students trying to get home safely use this overpass by the hundreds every day.

Because U.S. 80 is a federal highway, a lot of planning is needed. But let’s explore every possible means before we say no.