Movies might have to wait

Published 7:52 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I’m a movie freak. Have been since Dad took me to see John Wayne in The Alamo. The last thing I did with Dad before he died was go to a movie. I can’t remember the name, only that he slept through it. Nobody knew he was sick.

Movies are escape. Sure, they’ve gotten expensive. But some of the best times spent with family (other than baseball) was in some dark theater.

So, it’s great to have a town that has a movie theater. It’s a neat way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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But having a theater in town and having incentive payments go to the free enterprise guy that puts it in is worrisome. It’s a balancing act.

Do we really want to help keep this guy in business so we can fork over $7 for the movie and $10 for popcorn and a drink?

Do we really want to see people in the city without jobs but know that tax money goes to help a private business recoup expenses of providing us with pleasure?

Something here doesn’t fit.

Our council really needs to study this one carefully before going all out just so we can see Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington flash across the screen.