Zero tolerance keeps everyone safe

Published 7:07 pm Monday, February 9, 2009

If Selma High School students don’t have the message by now, then they aren’t listening.

A group of officials met with students Monday at the high school to talk about violence in schools. In particular, the adults talked about last Wednesday’s incident when a student reported another for putting a weapon in his backpack.

We know the tragedies of Pearl High School and Columbine all too well.

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Guns are not toys. Students are not avatars on some video game.

This is serious.

But it is our experience that most of the students at Selma High are good people. They come each day to learn and to mark another notch in that long line we call progress toward education.

Thankfully, nobody was injured or killed as a result of that gun on campus last week.

The authorities are correct. A zero tolerance for weapons on campuses is the only way to go.