Avoid the lines, sign up early

Published 12:07 am Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Selma Parks and Recreation Departent is requesting that parents register their children for youth baseball and softball activities by Feb. 21.

Taking advantage of preregistration can help parents avoid the long lines that come with registering when tryouts begin. It also gives the department an opportunity to provide uniforms that fit and update records for returning players.

“If you wait until tryout night to sign up, you’re going to have to get in one line to pay your registration fee and get your card filled out, then you’ll have to get in a whole new line to try out,” said Tracy Williams, the department’s director of programs.

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Registration is required for both new and returning players. Only newcomers are required to participate in tryouts.

“The big thing is the returning players aren’t registering. If you’re a returning player, a new player, a player moving up — everybody has to pay the $10 fee and registration fee,” said Williams.

Tabitha Thomas brought her daughter, Krishyin, in for preregistration on Saturday.

“It beats the crowd,” said Tabitha Thomas. “Just go ahead and get it done, get it over with. That’s what I say.”

She also believes the $10 fee is a plus, and agrees with its purpose.

“It’s a plus. If they’re going to play, I think they should continue to play the whole year,” said Thomas. “I feel if you pay the money, you’ll stay more active in it.”

According to department director Elton Reece, that is what the fee and early registration are about — parental involvment.

“The whole reason we’re doing this to get more commitment from the parents,” said Reece. “We have a number of players that quit because parents won’t bring them to practice. Kids can’t drive themselves so all the responsibility falls back on the parents.”