Local student remembers historical day and gives thanks

Published 9:35 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Editor,

My name is Jatari Reddick-Hardy. I am a fourth grader at Knox Elementary School where my mom, Joslyn Reddick, is the principal. My mom worked very hard to send me and my schoolmates to the inauguration. This trip was important to her because she wants us to believe that dreams can come true. President Obama’s dream, my mom’s dream and the dream four our school came true. Two years ago when President Obama was a senator from Chicago and he came to Brown Chapel during the Jubilee, I got a chance to shake his hand and I gave him a torn piece of paper that said, “Dear Mr. Obama, I want you to be our president.” His trip was important to me because my wish came true. I wonder if he still has that piece of paper? He bus trip was 19 hours long. We talked a lot, and slept a lot. There were reporters riding with us taking pictures and asking us questions. We arrived at our hotel and then we went to Golden Corral for dinner. Some of my classmates had never eaten there before. When we went back to the hotel, they had a movie for us. Then we went to sleep to get ready to get up early. On Inauguration Day, We got up at 3:00 in the morning to go to the Inauguration. We were so sleepy! It was freezing and we had to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk. My feet were tired. But I got to see millions of people. It was so exciting. The crowds were jostling. That is one of my robust reading vocabulary words. It means pushing! But no one got hurt or lost. People were yelling “Obama!” When President Bush was called, people started singing “Sha na na na, Sha na na na Hey Hey Hey Good bye, Bush!” People were waving flags, climbing trees, sitting on top of the portapotties, hugging, and crying. President Obama said the oath and the crowd roared. Later at the hotel in Waldorf Maryland, we celebrated with a pizza party and a movie. The next day we toured the city and went to the monuments and then left for home. I thank my mom, my church, my city, and everyone for helping me and my classmates participate in a moment in history.

Thank you Selma for helping make my mom’s dream come true and for making her so happy! You have made me happy too!

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Jatari Reddick-Hardy, 9