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Signing day still means education

Sometimes critics of college athletics place many in the recruiting ranks as “dumb jocks” or give them some other disparaging label.

Anyone who has ever observed the life of a student athlete would be amazed at the amount of organization and dedication it takes to fulfill obligations in the sports and in the classrooms.

Many business owners we know say they would prefer to hire a student athlete out of college because that person already knows how to work under pressure, how to work as a team and how to organize the work load.

And, consider this — many young people might not enjoy the benefits of higher education without putting their special talents to use and earning, yes earning, that scholarship.

National Signing Day means a great deal to the fans and schools of those athletes who participate.

It also means an education for many.

Next time “dumb jock” comes to mind, spend the day with a student athlete and see if you could maintain the pace.