City concerns should be more than just about street name

Published 8:29 pm Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear editor,

I was approached the other day what I thought about the name change of Jeff Davis to Chestnut — for as I am concerned, Chestnut did not do anything for anyone other than a service you had to pay for.

It’s sad we cannot concentrate more on industry being saved in this town. I learned the Old Cotton Mill, which ended up being the cigar factory plans to have their building torn down, costing $150,000, bricks and lumber being sold from it, keeping anything else from coming in the building.

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It would cost over $500,000 to build it back — just looks like the city and city councilmen would be more concerned.

Looks like the city would buy the building. If the councilmen have lost the urge to save Selma, they should be forced to resign other than wasting our city tax money.

Edward Cooper