NSD: What to watch for

Published 9:40 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2009

National Signing Day is the only day more important than Christmas for football junkies.

It’s almost like the perfect marriage — the pure, unadulterated joy of the high school game intermingles with the pageantry of college. Guessing, anticipation and wanton lust for that 5-star impact player are never at a higher plateau.

But even the biggest college football fans make a couple of mistakes on this day.

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First, National Signing Day is not the DEADLINE for football recruits to make their college choice. This is the first actual day players can make a binding commitment to schools.

It is, however, the deadline for college coaches. It’s a pretty safe bet no amount of wooing will turn a kid on or after this day. And if a player does changes his mind, it is likely because of something other than the lines that college coach has been dropping.

Second, don’t ever bet on an 18-year-old. Thousands of kids sign with colleges every year. Even with the “Get it fast, get it now” mentality of today’s game, true freshmen that turn into immediate stars are very rare.

Attention is on the State of Alabama now more than ever because of high-profile recruits that have done well in the college and pros, big-time coaches and a tradition that the nation is beginning to take seriously. We have ESPN and their love of televising prep games to thank for that.

No matter who signs where, whose heart is broken and who is holding out for the best situation (Cough! Terrelle Pryor), the STJ is committed to putting the ball in your hands, so to speak.

Enjoy, and go team!