Concerns over firing from courthouse

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Editor,

I was/am a good employee. I was treated unfairly by Dallas County courthouse officials and was terminated on basis of religious beliefs and was not allowed to go back into the courthouse to get my belongings.

I was employed at the Dallas County Courthouse for over 17 years; customers respected me and requested my services. I was never a trouble maker, not a fighter or posed any threat but was always an encourager.

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On Nov. 11, 2008, I was treated as a criminal and was banned from entering the courthouse, even criminals are not banned from the courthouse. Two other great employees were terminated on the same day as if there was an ulterior motive.

I do believe that I was discriminated against because of my religion and I was not given my due process. Regardless of who is in authority employees should be treated fairly and with respect. Issues such as these should be addressed, investigated and not allowed to happen in Selma.

The Attorney General’s office or High state officials should look into the actions of these county officials in regards to my termination, and others in similar situations.

M. Atkins