Bank lends grocery store a hand

Published 9:36 pm Friday, January 23, 2009

Employees of RBC Bank in Selma bagged groceries at Calhoun Foods Friday afternoo to show their community support.

The three women kept the lines moving swiftly despite little to no bagging experience. Store director Jimmie Coleman said, during tough times, local businesses need to work together.

“Since everybody is talking about the recession, we want them to know the bank and the grocery store are still in business,” Coleman said.

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RBC’s Client Care Manager Lyndal Stone said this was a great way to get the bank’s name out in the community.

Even though RBC opened in Selma about two years ago, Stone said some people still don’t seem to know it exists. Helping customers in the community seemed like the perfect way to raise awareness.

“We also decided, if we could, we were going to do something that would help our customers,” Stone said. “Calhoun Foods is one of our customers.”

The RBC employees arrived at the grocery store on Jeff Davis Avenue shortly after lunch. They rotated shifts for the next two hours. It was a good thing, too.

Checkout lines were four and five people deep, and groceries steadily flew down the shiny, steel ramp while the bank employees placed the items in plastic bags.

Stone received a phone call from an employee at the grocery store. The employee said Calhoun Foods customers were surprised and happy to see new faces bagging their meats, fruits and vegetables.

“Overall people seemed to be pleased they were there,” Stone said.