More draws for tourists

Published 8:29 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So much of the economic life of Selma and Dallas County is wrapped around tourist dollars.

Recently, the state recognized the Bridge Crossing Jubilee as a top draw. There are others: the annual pilgrimage, Market Day, The Tale-Tellin’ festival and the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Selma.

Not long ago, the Selma-Dallas County Office of Tourism announced the re-enactment would not occur this year because of lack of interest and funding.

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But this week, new hope for the event rose as the tourism office announced a move afoot by some to join together to hold the re-enactment.

No matter where you stand on the Civil War, facts are Selma and Dallas County are fighting a larger battle — declining sales tax revenue because of hard economic times. This is no fault of the people and businesses in our area, but a national crisis, which affects every metropolitan area and hamlet in the United States.

This event contributes significantly to the draw of tourists in the area. We’re glad to see interest locally in saving it. By doing so, the action of a few here locally will help fuel the economy on which we all rely.