Thank you to Dr. Reese

Published 6:34 pm Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Dr. Reese on your recognition for being honored by The Selma Chapter of the Links, Inc. for your role in the Civil Right struggle in historic Selma, Alabama. Dr. Reese you are worthy of any honor. It is because of you that we’ll witness Barack Obama’s great day on Tuesday. I’m honored to have been in your midst. Humility, meekness and wisdom are all attributes that define your character. Pastor Reese, I thank you, African Americans thank you and this nation thanks you for standing in the gap for all mankind.

You’ve never demanded to be noticed or recognized, but your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed by God; moreover, He knows how He used you to set this nation on a new course. Many times we wanted you to jump out there and toot your own horn, but you were satisfied with the fact that God “knows the record.” You could’ve demanded and commanded that this nation pay you your due notice, but again you taught us, what being a servant is all about.

When Barack won, I remember jumping and screaming and then my mind fell on you. How grateful to God that He has allowed you to see this day. How I bless the name of the Lord, that you’ll see the fruit of your labor. I wondered what you were feeling, when the news was announced that Obama had won. I wondered if you felt like the beating on the Edmund Pettus Bridge was worth it now. I wondered when you heard the news, did you think that the bomb threats and sleepless nights were now redeemed. I wondered if you cried or if you smiled. I wondered if you sat back in your chair in the den and said, “Martin we finally did it.” You are a Legend, a Trailblazer, a Solider for Justice, and one hell of an example for any young man to set his life after (I said it and I “aint” even thinking about taking it back).

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It is the pleasure of the Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana to name our new school the F.D. Reese Christian Academy. When we open our doors on August 10, 2009, it will be a long overdue honor for a man who has given his life for the advancement of all people; in fact, we invite the entire city of Selma to come and witness this great event. You deserve this honor.

I do have two simple questions for the city of Selma. Where is the FD Reese Street? Where is the school named in his honor? Selma, this is long overdue! Give Dr. Reese his flowers while he can still smell the beauty that they bring.

I am Lonnie Anderson, Jr. and I stand behind everything that I stated in this letter. God bless you Pastor Reese and I love you and appreciate you.

L. E. Anderson, Jr.

Kokomo, Indiana