Selma’s donation to history

Published 8:34 pm Saturday, January 17, 2009

The excitement over President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration is no more evident than now, just days before the event.

Some in this city are willing to brave the weather, the predicted record crowd and the distance between Selma and Washington to see history made.

For the young who have this opportunity, this trip may be the most important event of their lives.

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It is a chance for them to see that Selma and the Black Belt, while important to our state and our nation, do not hold the only opportunities they will receive in life.

For older people who thought this day would not happen before their deaths or the deaths of their children, Obama’s inauguration is confirmation of their faith and hard work.

Several people are taking the opportunity to visit Selma to see first-hand the connection between police brutality toward blacks in the 1960s and a force of thousands committed to protecting one man now.

The eyes of the world still watch Selma, even today. Our next president did not forget that during his speech to the nation on Election Day.

We cannot forget that we are still an example of the type of hope that can make changes so great that the ripple effects are felt around the world.