Help keep on the watch

Published 7:45 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Local law enforcement has shown its willingness to reach out to the community.

Now it’s time for people in Selma to return the hand.

The Selma Police Department is making an earnest effort to get a Neighborhood Watch program off the ground.

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Led by Officer Natasha Rozzell, the program uses a communication system to relay potential problems to neighborhood captains, and ultimately to the police.

There are two keys to make this work. First, people have to want to be involved.

So many things go on that police simply cannot monitor, and 20,000 sets of eyes will see more than 50.

Also, residents have to realize most problems manifest because of lack of action.

“I think this is a proactive program. Public safety is critical for a city, and I hope the citizens will stand behind this,” Ward 8 Councilman Corey Bowie said.

We could not have said it any better.

It is one thing to rely on officers or deputies to do their jobs, but keeping a watchful eye out for dangers posed to our neighbors may prevent a few calls to 911.

Several people have cried out for ways to make this city safer.

Job well done to the Selma Police Department for helping us help ourselves.